Greetings from the University of Michigan. 
The University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine is pleased to collaborate with the Shizuoka Family Medicine Program.

UM Faculty worked closely with our collaborators in Japan in each step of the program planning. Through the support of a 4-year Shizuoka Prefectural Government Grant, University of Michigan faculty will come to teach in Japan through didactic and precepting during clinical care for 6 two-week periods per year.

Each year, six Shizuoka Family Medicine Program physicians will come to UM to see the reality of family medicine during patient care, and to learn through didactics and standardized patients (interpreter included!).

Research collaborations have already begun. I think the Shizuoka Family Medicine Program is an ideal place to develop, learn and practice family medicine, and that you will too. 
I look forward to seeing you there!

Mike Fetters, MD, MPH, MA
Professor,Department of Family Medicine 
Director, Japanese Family Health Program Dept. Family Medicine 
University of Michigan Health System


ミシガン大学教員は、プログラム計画の各段階で、日本側スタッフと密に連携を取りあってきました 。当プログラムでは、静岡県からの四年間の補助を受け、ミシガン大学教員が、 年6回来日し、それぞれ2週間ずつ、臨床診療教育とプリセプティングにあたります。また、静岡家庭医養成プログラムの医師が毎年6名、ミシガン大学を訪れ、家庭医療の現場に身を置き、臨床教育や模擬患者教育(通訳がつきます!)を受ける予定です。




Visiting Faculty

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Shizuoka Family Medicine residency training program!

At the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine, we are partnering with Shizuoka Family Medicine to build a strong family medicine residency program.
In Shizuoka you will work with family physician faculty from Michigan as well as with Japanese faculty physicians.We want you to experience the best of both systems.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, we have a Japanese Family Health Program with physicians and staff who speak both Japanese and English.Our clinic serves the many Japanese people in Michigan, most sent by companies related to the automobile industry.
If you join the Shizuoka Family Medicine residency program, your training will include two weeks with us in Michigan, where you can learn about Family Medicine while you help us take care of Japanese 
You can use the Japanese language, and you can also strengthen your English language skills.

We look forward to helping you become a well-trained family physician who can meet the needs of the people in your community!

Karl Rew, 
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine 
Assistant Professor, Department of Urology
Japanese Family Health Program